Process Service Dispatch Scam. attention this is jason craig with process service dispatch. I was at work still and couldn't pick it up so i let it go to voicemail.

Dispatch center to set up backup site Journal Review
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This description is strongly suspicious for scam. They deliver important court documents and notifications to defendants and other important parties in a lawsuit or other legal action. Now if any changes that need to.

On Friday Evening Around 5:30, I Received A Call From An Unknown Caller.

So they’ll be heading out there in a little bit, i’m sorry i couldn’t help you.” You cannot move a case forward if you don’t deliver process of service to a defendant, and you may not be able to. attention this is jason craig with process service dispatch.

After All, Once People Are On To A Particular Scam, Scammers Have To Change It In Order To Effectively Victimize The Innocent And Take Advantage Of The Unaware.

A process server should show up in person to serve your papers. 5 signs of a process serving scam. I wanted to put this out th ere, so that you all know about another really awful phone scam that is going around, so that you don’t freak out like i did, and you can keep you and your money safe.

Calls Are Threatening And When Notified Them, Was Arrogant And Cocky As They Implied They Are Protected.

This is a process server scam. A quick google/bing of the name reveals other reports of this scam. At the same time, acquire and preserve all contact information for your complaint to the state consumer protection agency.

I Received 3 Phone Calls Within 5 Minutes From A Blocked Number.

This week, my wife and i both received calls from a person claiming to work for “process service dispatch”. No one can do this except a judge. My name is jessica i'm a process server calling.

Process Service Dispatch Scam Other My Sister Received Messages On Her Phone, On Phones Of Two Of Her Daughters That Are Under Her Name, And At Her Place Of Work From People Purporting To Be From Process Service Dispatch Who Claim They Have Process To Serve Her Relating To $10K On A Credit Card With A Bank She Doesn't Have An Account With.

Electronic service of process is becoming more popular as there is a growing need to locate and serve evasive defendants. The only reasonable response is a demand for documentation of the debt. Process servers play an important role in the legal process.

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