How To Light A Gas Fireplace With A Key And Ignitor. If the gas is flowing, the problem may be with the flame. The fireplace should light immediately.

Starting a gas fireplace YouTube
Starting a gas fireplace YouTube from

Turn the gas key to release gas to the burner. The flame may be located in the back or behind some of your logs. How to light a gas fireplace with wall key.

Gas Flows But Won't Light.

With that said, you can always light a gas fireplace by holding the pilot light down and lighting a match. The flame may be located in the back or behind some of your logs. Procedure for lighting a standing pilot in a gas fireplace, or other gas appliance.

When You Do So, Gas Starts To Flow Through The Main Burner Assembly.

An ignitor starts the fire without using matches or getting close to the gas or flame. Proflame 1 and proflame 2. While holding it down, you should hear the gas.

Both Proflame 1 And Proflame 2 Are Found In Modern Gas Fireplaces.

Converting a gas fireplace to an electric start or electronic ignition is not a diy project. To ignite the pilot light, press your finger into the center of the control knob and hold it in place. The fireplace should light immediately.

The Fireplace Key Should Have Been Stored With Your Fireplace, And If Your Fireplace Is Started With A Key System, You Will Need Access To It To Move Forward With This Guide.

They are convenient and easy to operate because one needs to press a button and the gas fireplace ignites or switches off in a matter of seconds. First, turn your gas fireplace’s knob from the “off” to the “pilot” position. Most modern gas fireplaces will have an ignitor, and you should use it if you have one.

Push In The Pilot Knob, Which Will Then Manually Send Gas Into The System.

Our own gas fireplace insert is an older model and the pilot light is the standing flame type rather than the intermittent pilot ignition found often found. To turn on a gas fireplace with a wall key, grab a long lighter and place it near the burner. Once the burner is lit, replace the key cover.

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