6.0 Powerstroke Crank No Start No Ficm Sync. Icp voltage is 1.5 while cranking. It fluctuates from 0 to 1 (no to yes) while cranking.

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Crank no start no ficm sync 2004 6.0. But the genisys also said cmp/ckp sync no. Calibration concerns, powertrain component faults and ficm malfunctions may produce similar drivability concerns.

Borrowed A Genisys Scanner And Got 3 Codes, Po276 (Injector Circuit Low), Po279 And Another Injector Code.

I have proper icp, fuel pressure, and ficm voltage. The ficm was not getting sync. The only thing that isnt reading properly on my ae software is the cam and crank sensor sync.

Ficm Sync Is Good Ficm Voltage Doesnt Drop Below 475 Ipr Maxes Out At 847 When Warm And Icp Wont Go Above 300 When Warm.

On monday the truck would not start. Hello, a friends 2004 6.0 f250 wont start. Good luck man, i was pulling my hair out on the one i did till buddy gave me wiring schematics for the ficm circuit.

Start Date Oct 9, 2014;

So after checking several threads on the various sites, i checked the wire loom for any cracks or. I pulled the ficm, cleaned the contacts and reconnected it. Icp voltage is 1.5 while cranking.

Icp Psi Is 1100 While Cranking.

Now its back together and i have a crank no start with new batteries i went to autozone today and bought a scan gauge ii and programmed it according to instructions here is what i have while cranking the engine ipr 35.5 fmp 48.0 icp 1051 sync 0 icv 1.33 flp.50 cranking rpm 175 Found the 50a fuse to ficm popped also. Ficm sync was 0 as was the crank cam crankshaft sync.

My Research Shows That The Cam Sensor Code Can Be Caused By A Extended Crank So I'm Not Too Bothered By That However I Did Swap The Cam Sensor And Clean The Mounting.

When cold it says no ficm sync but had regular sync and crank sensor. Ford 6.0 power stroke ficm diagnostics. Sync=no and/or ficm syc=no note:

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